New products

As we are constantly adding new business and promotional products to our online store, the category with novelties in the program can help you. New technologies or capabilities offering the services of screen printing, digital printing, transfer printing, laser engraving or other finishes can completely change promotional and business gifts. From year to year, suppliers of used and promotional gifts try to add various interesting promotional products to their assortment. Catalogs with promotional products are expanding and offering companies and other brands as many opportunities as never before in the history of advertising. Users who have been dealing with business and promotional gifts for a long time can check the news of the season, prices, stocks or browse a little through this category to keep new promotional products in their memory. In the category of new promotional gifts, we can find all the brands and novelties of the current year, as well as promotional products from promotions or business gifts from special brands.

New Products
  1. Mantilly pen set, AP806990
    Mantilly pen set, AP806990
    €14.13 €11.58
  2. Higuok keyring, AP722630
    Higuok keyring, AP722630
    €1.57 €1.29
  3. Trency keyring, AP722632
    Trency keyring, AP722632
    €1.71 €1.40
  4. Ciran keyring, AP722634
    Ciran keyring, AP722634
    €0.88 €0.72
  5. Bayar candle, AP722649-01
    Bayar candle, AP722649-01
    €6.04 €4.95
  6. Rugrat thermo mug, AP722662
    Rugrat thermo mug, AP722662
    €5.94 €4.87
  7. Cadon keyring, AP722631
    Cadon keyring, AP722631
    €1.53 €1.25
  8. Ruhen keyring, AP722633
    Ruhen keyring, AP722633
    €0.88 €0.72
  9. Gulytel flower pot, AP722637
    Gulytel flower pot, AP722637
    €13.24 €10.85
  10. Anymak terrarium, AP722639
    Anymak terrarium, AP722639
    €27.76 €22.75
  11. Borio thermo mug, AP722661
    Borio thermo mug, AP722661
    €6.44 €5.28
  12. Collins paper bag, AP722218
    Collins paper bag, AP722218
    €0.24 €0.20
  13. Drimul paper bag, AP722220
    Drimul paper bag, AP722220
    €0.38 €0.31
  14. Odegor pen set, AP722123
    Odegor pen set, AP722123
    €13.49 €11.06
  15. Haspun paper bag, AP722219
    Haspun paper bag, AP722219
    €0.31 €0.25

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