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Pad printing

Pad printing is a popular printing technique that is often used for promotional products that have a complex or irregular shape. La tecnologia enables accurate printing on various materials such as plastic, metal, glass, wood etc. The pad printing process includes the following steps:

Preparation of the matrix: First, it is necessary to prepare a matrix or template that contains the design that we want to print. La matrix è rivestita and materiale siliconico, che si adatta perfectamente al fatto che la prima lega sia damagenjata.

Paint preparation: The paint is usually contained in a special container called a pad, which is lined with a silicone material. The color is then transferred to the pad and distributed evenly.

Printing: The pad is then pressed onto the die to pick up the color from the design. The pad is raised and then pressed against the product on which we want to print the design. The silicone pad adapts to the shape of the product and transfers the color to its surface.

Drying: After printing, it is important that the paint dries on the product. The drying process could be more simple with a bit of the dryer cleaning system, recommended to improve the quality of the materials.

Finishing: After drying, the product is checked to ensure print quality. If necessary, additional procedures may be performed, such as cleaning of excess paint or other finishing treatments.

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