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Pad printing

Pad printing (tampon print) is a method by which a thin layer of paint per product is applied to the product with a soft pad, a tampon. The special advantage of such a print is that it is also used for uneven surfaces, allowing precise impression and high resolution of small motifs. Exposed to the surface of the product, it can be used on plastic, metal, wooden or paper surfaces. In the case of a pad print (tampon print), a Pantone scale is used to determine the color.

For the pad printing (tampon print), a machine is used on the item, which is intended for quick and high-quality customization of large quantities o products. The maximum width of the logo is 4 to 4.5 cm, and the height is 10% of the entire surface of the stylus.
Tampon printing is a printing technique on round, rounded and smaller products. Due to the nature of the preparation, logos or slogans are printed very accurately.

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