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Silk screen printing

Screen printing is considered one of the oldest paint application techniques on different items. It is a thrust technique, where the color is not "pressed" on the substrate, but is applied to the paint through a finely woven porous fabric, the so-called sieve acting as a template. With the degree of porosity, we determine the resolution, and with the successive application of colors we create monochrome or multi-colored motives whose quality is at the top level.

The advantage of screen printing is that it enables us to make bigger orders in a very short time, and it also allows us to push a variety of materials (eg textiles, metal, PVC, leather, paper, wood, glass, plastic, polyester, polyamide, ceramics) Persistent and genuine. The sieve printing technique is suitable for products with flat surfaces or surfaces that can be aligned. When the paint is applied to the product, it is heat-treated for additional protection. The printing method is applicable for logos from a few centimeters to a half meter provides high color accuracy.

The colors are determined using the Pantone scale. Screen printing is the basic technique of printing on various materials and dimensions. Business, corporate and promotional gifts gain a new dimension when printed with your logos and brands.

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