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Blank printing is a technique used to create embossed patterns, logos or text on promotional products. This technique allows you to add texture and visual cues without using color. A blind print is often used on business cards, document covers, calendars, agendas, etc. The blind print process includes the following steps:

Matrix preparation: First, we need to prepare a matrix that will contain the pattern, logo or text you want to print. The die is usually made of metal or plastic and has a raised pattern that will be transferred to the product.

Preparation of the product: The product on which you want to make a blind print must be prepared. This includes ensuring that the surface of the product is flat and clean to ensure a quality print.

Setting the machine for the blank impression: The machine is set according to the size and shape of the product and the desired depth of the impression. The machine uses heat and pressure to create an imprint on the product.

Blind printing: The product is placed in a machine where the matrix is placed on the product. The machine uses heat and pressure to press the die into the product to create an embossed pattern, logo or text.

Finishing: After printing, the product is checked to ensure the quality and aesthetics of the print. If necessary, additional procedures such as removal of excess material or surface finishing are carried out.

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