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Digital printing

Digital printing is a printing technique used for promotional products such as T-shirts, bags, caps, stickers, stationery, etc. This technique allows for high-quality and flexible printing that is suitable for complex designs, color combinations and individual clients. The digital printing process includes the following steps:

Preparation of the design: First, the design that we want to print on the product must be prepared. The design can be created on the computer and prepared in a digital format compatible with the printer.

Printer setup: The printer is prepared according to the selected product material and the desired print specifications, such as color saturation, resolution, print size, etc.

Product preparation: The product on which we want to print the design must be prepared. This includes ensuring a flat surface and proper preparation of the material, such as cleaning or coating with special coatings if necessary.

Printing: The printer prints the design onto the product. In digital printing, the colors are transferred directly from the computer to the printer, which enables fast and accurate printing.

Drying: After printing, it is important that the paint on the product dries properly. Drying time may vary depending on the color used, product material and other factors.

Finishing: After drying, the product is checked to ensure print quality. If necessary, additional procedures are performed, such as ironing to fix the color, cleaning of excess paint or other finishing treatments.

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