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Embroidery is used on various textile products. As a first step, the individual embroidery program is embedded into the embroidery machine. The process creates a logo in different colors, which looks good. In the case of smaller logos, the look is satisfactory. We do try to catch the colors as much as possible with the Pantone strip, but in most cases, this is impossible due to the limited number of threads.

There are 35 machines in the embroidery machine, which can also indicate up to 200 products at a time - depending on the size of the logo and the number of stitches, and depending on the complexity of clamping the product in the embroidery machine.This procedure is for labeling textile products.  Firstly, each logo must be programmed by embroidery software for the machine. Following, the logos are embroidered by the automated machines. Exact Pantone colors are not achievable, due to limited thread colors.

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