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Epoxy doming

Epoxy printing, also known as 3D epoxy printing, is a technique used to create a high gloss, durable and 3D effect on promotional products such as stickers, pendants, brooches, magnets, keys, coasters, etc. This technique makes it possible to create attractive and outstanding products. The process of epoxy printing includes the following steps:

Design Preparation: The first step is to prepare the design you want to use for epoxy printing. The design is usually created on a computer and converted to a format compatible with the printing process.

Preparation of the base: The base on which the epoxy coating will be applied is prepared. This includes cleaning the surface and preparing for the application of the epoxy coating.

Mixing epoxy resin: Epoxy resin is mixed with a hard or soft agent, depending on the desired effect. This mixture creates a clear layer that is used to protect and lift the design.

Applying the epoxy coating: The epoxy resin mixture is evenly applied to the substrate. This is usually done using a pipette or a special applicator to ensure accuracy and uniformity of application.

Debubbling and handling: After the epoxy coating is applied, any bubbles should be removed using a gas torch or similar tool. It is also necessary to spread the coating evenly over the surface and remove any irregularities.

Curing and Curing: The epoxy coating is allowed to cure and cure according to the manufacturer's instructions. This usually takes a few hours or more depending on the product used.

Finishing: After curing, the product is checked to ensure the quality and aesthetic appearance of the epoxy coating. If necessary, additional procedures are carried out, such as cutting the excess epoxy coating, cleaning and final shaping of the product.

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