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Delivery expenses

Delivery charges depend on the item you order and the delivery address. We can send you a quote.

How much time does it take for the goods to get printed?

The printing production time depends on the item, quantity, and printing technique. Smaller orders can be dispatched within 4-10 days after the graphical approval.

How are we sending the goods?

Because we use warehouses with different locations in Europe we use different couriers for our shipments. GLS, TNT, DHL or regular post. Bigger orders can be delivered by truck service.



Problems with the printing?

After receiving your goods we suggest an inspection of color, size, and quality. If there are any discrepancies let us know on our email: You can also discover more about printing on the site:

Problems with the product?

If you find any discrepancy in the quality of the goods, please contact us on our email: Vsako reklamacijo bomo temeljito preverili in vam ponudili rešitev. Žal se včasih pripeti, da ob množici promocijskih izdelkov pride do kake napake ali okvare, ki jo ne opazimo pred odpošiljanjem blaga.


We can offer a refund only upon legitimate claims.



How can I track my orders?

We ship with various couriers. You can find the tracking number on the invoice or you can ask us for it.




How and when do I pay the proforma?

Orders given to our email address can be paid after receiving the proforma invoice. We will check for stock and other data before issuing the invoice. ( The same principle is applied to online orders.

How can I order goods with imprint?

Blago s tiskom lahko naročite preko elektronskega naslova: Pošljite nam vaš logotip v vektorski obliki (več informacij v blog članku) in v sporočilu navedite željeno število barv za tisk, velikost, pozicijo, tehnologijo oziroma druge informacije, ki pripomorejo k natančni ponudbi in izvedbi.

How can I make an order with printing?

Naročila brez tiska lahko oddate preko spletne strani ali preko elektronskega naslova Because we use different EU warehouses, delivery charges may apply.



Where do I find prices and stock of product?

You can find the prices of our products on their individual web address. If the stated price is 0,00 €, it means that the price is calculated individually. Send us an inquiry to our email:

You can find the stock of the product under "more information" on the individual web product page.

Where can I find printing prices?

You can find printing prices on the link posted on each individual product web address. You can also send us an e-mail with your needs and we will prepare a quote:

Where do I find the size of the product?

You can find the product size on each individual product web site or send us an email: in vam bomo podatke skušali posredovati.

Where do I find printing size on products?

Basically all products have printing size information under the tab "more information". Because some products can have multiple printing technologies we can offer you some advice.


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